Sayan Gupta

Andreas is a dynamic and exceptional realtor. I met him through a friend’s connection. His level of knowledge and amicability instantaneously removed my doubts, anxiety, and frustration related to the home-buying process as a first-time home buyer in Bay Area. I first noted that Andreas is always available for home tours; his responsiveness is incredible. If he missed my call or text, he always replied no longer than 5 minutes. I was looking for a home in specific areas with particular requirements and within my affordability range. Andreas is exceptional in quickly following clients’ needs and expectations and can work with them fervently to make their home-buying goals a success. The amount of effort and time he put into walking me through the process is unbelievable. Andreas is very fluent and patient in dealing with other real estate agents. He is always very critical about going through the disclosure carefully and pointing out any red flags or specific verbiage in the disclosure documents, which are rather hard or time-consuming for a first-time home buyer to understand. Andreas’s critical thinking, strategic mindset, and proactiveness in bringing all the necessary information for the decision-making process made my first home purchase confident and smooth. In addition, Andreas is a very amicable person. I often asked for his feedback while viewing the properties, and he did not hesitate to provide his opinions, which gave me added perspective in my decision-making process. This had indeed made me feel like I had a partner throughout. I have already recommended him to a few of my connections. I will be calling Andreas for my next home purchase.

Amy R.

Andreas helped me through an 8 month process of looking for a home. He was always attentive and responsive. An all around great realtor!

Edwin Reyes

Andreas is very passionate about serving his clients, and is a master negotiator!

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Andreas understands that buying and/or selling a home involves a considerable amount of time and is an emotional experience that’s why he is here to guide you in every phase of the process and thereafter.
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